Monday, August 28, 2006

Life is Like A Butterfly

I saw a butterfly in flight
And how it enlightened my life
for one bright , fleeting instant, I forgot about my problems and strife.


It hovered over the succulent vegetation
until it's wings began to spread,
and then it glided toward the bed of flowers
of orange,pink and red.


I thought how fragile this butterfly-
The same is true of life
which comes and goes so quickly
when we become entangled in worldly strife.


Take the time to enjoy the offerings of nature,
make the best of each emerging day.
For life lingers like the delicate butterfly,
It sort of silently flutters away.


by Joseph T. Renaldi Posted by Picasa


OldRoses said...

Amazing photos! Have you considered photography as a vocation?

Salix Tree said...

Love your blog! I'm surprised I never came across it before! Beautiful photos!
I was reading further down, you mentioned a Moon Garden. So I did a little search and saw more of your moon garden, it's soooo lovely! What a nice idea that is. I'll have to come back and visit again, read more about your wonderful garden.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Karen said...

Lovely butterflies!

Beverly said...

Oldroses- I have been thinking of taking a photography class one of these days:)

Salix Tree-Thank you. Love your blog too;)

Karen- I've seen Monarchs in the yard before but not as many as this year. I think the birds and the butterflies have finally discovered my yard. Maybe they have been reading my blog.