Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today I'm Humming

I had a tiny visitor this morning. I was sitting on the back deck at 6:30 and a little hummingbird came over. First it stopped at the Hibiscus and sampled a couple of flowers. Then it checked out the Nasturtiums and flitted among the Verbena. Next stop the Petunias, had a few sips of petunia nectar and then it flew right towards me. It came so close I thought I was going to have to dodge it, but then it went past me and hovered over the Begonias. When I turned my head it flew away:(

Of course I didn't have my camera handy for that brief 30 seconds of delight. Next spring I'm putting up a couple of feeders. I've done it before but the only thing interested was ants. I decided then I would wait till I had enough flowers to keep them happy. Well I think that time has finally come:)

Since I couldn't get a picture I found a few sites you could go to that does have pictures. One my mom sent me in an e-mail it is a series of pictures of a hummingbird nest. The other is the Hummingbird Society they try to save endangered hummingbirds.

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Karen said...

It's always nice when hummingbirds drop by. Last night we had one sipping at the trumpet flowers on our arbour bench.