Friday, September 22, 2006

Catching up:)

Ahhh! September, my favorite month of the year. JL has started High School this year and so far he's got straight A's and been invited to the Homecoming Dance by 4 girls:) He's only going with 2 of them. Question, does he just buy a corsage for his girlfriend or does he get corsages for both girls? The girls are friends with each other.

The backyard doesn't look the same anymore. JAC has been helping me dig out all the Rose of Sharon trees that were growing on my second tier. If it ever stops raining and I'm not busy with birthdays and babies I will amend the soil and start planting new things. While JAC was clearing out the row he found the yellow tea rose that was buried in there. I was hoping he could leave it since I don't have much luck transplanting roses, but it was out before he saw it.

Some flowers are still blooming but nothing that hasn't been blooming all summer long. A Cleome decided to grow in my Moon Garden. I really like them and couldn't find any last spring that didn't cost too much, so I let it grow. I've been collecting the seed pods before they open, hopefully none will sprout there next year.

Gas is down to 1.99 a gallon, which is good because we are going to Branson next week for a little vacation. I haven't been there since I was 12, so it should be interesting. HB gets 2 rounds of golf and I get to go shopping and listen to Bluegrass. Maybe I'll find a garden or two while I'm wandering around.


OldRoses said...

Wish my garden looked that good at this time of year! Oh, well. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

I know it is a lot of work . . .I was in my garden yesterday, trying to cut back this and that for winter. I hated to do it because the bees are still liking the flowers . . . so not all is done yet.
Your garden photos are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Gas is down here in Australia too!