Sunday, October 22, 2006

Madison County, Iowa

Friday JM,Michael,Austin and I went to Madison County. I wanted to get some pictures of the Fall colors and a few other things in that area. I didn't find much color but we did manage to find 5 of the six remaining bridges.

This is a picture of the Hogback Bridge it turned out the best. If you want to see pictures of all of the bridges and learn a little of their history go here. Some of the bridges were rebuilt after an arsonist burnt them down. I found an article about what they are doing to prevent any more fires.

Besides the bridges there are other points of interest in Madison County. My favorite place to go is Winterset City Park. When you go in, there is a place to park so you can see one of the bridges. But if you keep on going down a winding road, eventually you will reach the Clark Tower, where you can see a great view of lots of trees and this cute little house.

The park has a great playground for the kids and a campground. After I got home I found out it also has a hedge maze. So next year I will have to go back just to check it out. Of course we couldn't leave without driving by John Waynes' Birthplace. We didn't go in because the babies were getting tired and so were we.

It was a nice day and JM got to see some things she hadn't seen since she was little. Like her parents initials carved on the wall inside the Hogback Bridge.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Windy Weather

I've been really tearing up my yard this Fall. And now Mother Nature has decided to lend a hand. Last week a gust of wind picked up my gazebo and flung it onto my neighbors car. There was broken glass and headless fairies everywhere. I got the thing off of the car and there it sat.

The neighbor came out a little later and helped me roll it up the hill. He wasn't as upset about his car as I was. And he was very nice about the whole thing. Whew!

My deck looks naked now:( But I now have a gazebo to put in my secret garden and grow vines on. Maybe the vines will hold it down better than the nails did. JD bent the corners back where they belong. It looks ok, but now it has weak spots. The awning was torn up, so I had to trash it.

JD is so sweet he has been looking all week for a new one for his mama. I told him good luck they are more expensive now and it's not the right season to find them at any stores. Maybe I'll get a new one for Mother's Day next year. Wishing and Hoping;)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm back from vacation and it's raining right now. I've been trying to finish up on the yard and get everything planted before winter.

I ran around this morning taking pictures of everything that is still blooming.
The petunias are really outdoing themselves, they must know their days are numbered. I have more flowers blooming now than I did last year at this time:)

The Dahlias are great:) They started out kind of slow but really took off and surprised me. I will be planting more next year.

I haven't planted Morning Glories in the yard for years. But that doesn't stop them from growing anyway.

I used to have them growing on the front deck, but I had to trim them all the time so the Mailman could get through. Someday I will find the perfect spot for Morning Glories.