Sunday, January 21, 2007

Join Green Thumb Sunday

For my first Green Thumb Sunday I have a picture of my Jade plant. I have had it for 3 years:) It seems to have developed a problem and I was hoping someone could identify it for me.

Little white powdery spots on about 5 leaves. Can I just remove them or do I need a spray? Poor little Jade plant:(


Deb said...

I'm sorry that I can't help you but I wonder if it might be some kind of white mold? I'd probably try washing it off first and see if it comes back.

Welcome to GTS! My post is up, too.

Catherine said...

Mealybugs, Scale, or Aphids. I'd probably give it a good shower and see what happens.

Tricia said...

Welcome to green thumb Sunday! I hope that you'll be a regular player. It's fun! Especially spring to fall when we have even more things to show off!

I love Jade plants but I've never done well with them even though they're supposed to be easy plants. Give me a difficult plant and it will thrive, but give me a Jade or African violet and I managed to kill them. LOL

I think it might be little buggies too. A shower is a good idea, but if you want to also try getting a spray bottle with a couple of drops of dish detergent in it to make a slightly soapy spray I'd try that too.

I'm thinking it's scale.

Oh and make sure your home isn't too dry. Most of our indoor plants do poorly in our homes in the winter when the air gets drier. mist your plants with water daily if they like humidity and perhaps get a humidifier for the room, or the floor that the majority of your plants are housed on to help raise the humidity in the air.

Plants tend to get more bugs when the air is really dry I find.

roybe said...

It looks like a lovely Jade plant I would cut the affected leaves off. we spray ours with a garlic/chilli/ pyrethum combination spray. It's a pretty hardy plant Jade I'm sure it will be o.k.

Jennifer said...

I suspect that your white spot isn't an insect at all.

Some plants will excrete extra minerals (salts) through pores on their leaves when they have to. (I can't find a good layman site that talks about this. Lots of wordy college/technical papers...)

I'd try just washing the leaves with a soft cloth.

GirlGoneGardening said...

Jennifer is right. Mine get the same thing if I use tap in the winter.

christi said...

Of course I can't find it online anywhere now, but last summer I almost lost a house-full of jades to something similar. What I found said it was mold and I had to wash all of them, let the soil dry out, remove a LOT of leaves and wait. I lost a lot, but managed to save the majority. With humidity in the home - mone are in the kitchen, I think it builds up. I've also read that spider mites make white puffs, but I seem to recall they look a tlittle different. If it's the mold, it's pretty agressive, so get at it. I had some show up this winter, even.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the advice everyone:) I think I will wash it off and if it doesn't get better I'll snip off the bad parts.

Ki said...

Our jades display the same white spots only to a lesser extent. I think Jennifer is right. They look like mineral deposits.

Leigh Ann said...

I have been experiencing the same problem, except I have also found a powdery orange mold growing at the base. Do you think the problems are related?
Yesterday I removed the contaminated soil and washed all the leaves with a soft cloth but found it difficult to remove all the spots. One website recommended rubbing the leaves with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. Any thoughts?