Friday, March 23, 2007

First Blooms

After waiting and watching for about a month now I finally caught a glimpse of color in the yard. I had to take a second look just to make sure it was a flower and sure enough there it was, the first bloom of the year.

For three days all I saw was yellow blooms and not very many considering I planted 50 of them and they were supposed to be mixed colors. I was a bit disappointed at first, until today when I saw this cute little white one. So I just need to be a bit more patient and see what else pops up.

This is my first year for Crocus, but I like how they blend in with the grass and surprise you. I'll have to plant some more this Fall:)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Join Green Thumb Sunday

African Violets were on sale this week and I couldn't stop myself from buying 3 of them. Never mind that I have run out of pots and they have been very hard to find lately. I finally found 2 at Lowes and then decided to kick another plant out of it's pot. I'm sure it will be happy in it's plastic pot.

For some reason my African violets don't do well in plastic pots so I only put them in clay or ceramic. The hardest part is finding pots that look good together.I have 2 windows like this. 10 plants total but I have room for 2 more if I can just find some more pots.

I bought this one because I have never seen the flowers shaped like this before. Aren't they cute? I'm hoping to have outside pictures next week. Things are popping up everywhere, but I don't dare clean out the leaves protecting them from the weather. I am waiting till they are about ready to bloom or Easter, whichever comes first.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Icestorms and Blue Jays

It's been a busy month since I've been able to blog. What with ice storms, power outages, and problems with my internet. I really do hope that saying is right about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get the yard cleaned up for SPRING:)

I did manage to get outside and take some pretty snow pictures. And I finally got some pictures of an elusive Blue Jay. They must be able to see better than the other birds cause he won't come around if I'm at the window. He usually stays way back in the yard and waits.

First he perched on the crabapple looking around for enemies. Then he swooped down and started munching away. He didn't see me crouching on the floor with my camera up in the air blindly snapping away. Of course I missed him so I slowly raised my head to get some better pics and he let me take a few more shots before he flew away.

It could have been a girl Blue Jay because the sexes look alike according to my bird book. But I always refer to them as male because they are so cocky and sometimes can be real bullies to the other birds. They sure are pretty for such fiesty birds.

As I was writing this the Jay came back and he's out there right now screeching at the other birds and guarding the bird feeder. I can't take a picture because I sent my camera with Austin, so his grandma can take a picture of him meeting his idol Spiderman at the kids fest.