Sunday, March 18, 2007

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African Violets were on sale this week and I couldn't stop myself from buying 3 of them. Never mind that I have run out of pots and they have been very hard to find lately. I finally found 2 at Lowes and then decided to kick another plant out of it's pot. I'm sure it will be happy in it's plastic pot.

For some reason my African violets don't do well in plastic pots so I only put them in clay or ceramic. The hardest part is finding pots that look good together.I have 2 windows like this. 10 plants total but I have room for 2 more if I can just find some more pots.

I bought this one because I have never seen the flowers shaped like this before. Aren't they cute? I'm hoping to have outside pictures next week. Things are popping up everywhere, but I don't dare clean out the leaves protecting them from the weather. I am waiting till they are about ready to bloom or Easter, whichever comes first.


jean said...

African violets are next on my list to restore from my past. At one time I had 75 African violets that I was growing under lights - most of them were a foot across and bloomed constantly in a huge mass of flowers. They were my treasure. Now that I have settled into a permanent home - I am going to rekindle that passion. By the way - they were all growing in self-watering plastic pots that had been invented by a lady named Swift who hybridized and had a shop in Dallas at the time. There were many violets that she had introduced. I think she is still selling the pots - there was nothing that could even touch them in creating beautiful violets.

Wishing you beautiful and happy days ahead

jean said...

I meant to start my first comment by telling you how beautiful your photos and your african violets are and how much they inspired me to buy now!

chigiy said...

Your African Violets are beautiful.
I only have one that has withstood the torments of living with me.
They will only grow in one window in my house and they have to share it with my pathetic looking orchids.
You have a wonderful blog.
I enjoyed it.

Ki said...

Hi Beverly,
I don't know how many hundreds of african violets we bought in the past years. Probably not even a hundred but it seems that we've bought more. They all seem to eventually decline and are tossed. Some will rebloom but not more than once or twice. I guess I should do more research on growing them. At least I know not to get water on the leaves but that's about the extent of my knowledge on growing AVs.

The pink one is quite nice. The really floriferous ones are my favorites.

Gotta Garden said...

Oh, I love African Violets, too! I've had to limit myself to just the blue/purple ones or I think I'd just got crazy buying them all! Lol!

I like your shelves! Lovely pictures!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

What beautiful African Violets. It has been years since I grew any. My grandmothers always had some and I grew them when I was a kid. I really like the shelves. That is a good ideal. I might try that in the master closet. We have a window that gets morning sun and in the winter I need all the window space I can find. Thanks for telling me about getting my blog registered. I did that today so I guess in a couple of days I should be good to go. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

Your african violets are beautiful however, may I suggest you try putting them in shallower pots. You may find they grow better. Also, African Violets do not like to be watered too much. They like their soil slightly damp but not soaked but make sure you don't let them dry out completely. They also prefer to be watered from the bottom with lukewarm water. I've found the best thing to do is use plenty of perlite or add you can mix in very small gravel, stone pieces into the gravel. I love your AV with the peach color flowers that have the yellow center. It is absolutely beautiful, but of course most AVs are in my opinion.

I'm sure you probably know most of this already but figured I'd mention these things on the chance you had not. :)