Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's been a week of cold weather and I have no new blooms to report. I did cover some of my tulips that were not quite ready to pick, but after 3 days of fighting the wind I decided it was pointless. It even snowed in April I wasn't surprised, were you?

The night before the freeze I picked all my blooming flowers and enjoyed them inside, they sure do make your house smell good.

The Crabapples and the Serviceberry both had buds and I don't know if they will bloom this year or not. The Lilacs don't look happy but I think they will be fine:) Everything else is just chillin & waiting for some sunshine.

We had our annual Easter egg hunt Saturday, everyone put on their coats and had a great time finding the eggs.

One more month and my newest grand baby will be here:) It's a "GIRL" we haven't had one of those since, well let me think, Oh Yeah! Not since I was born. My brother is waiting for his first grand baby another "GIRL" When it rains it pours around here. Here is a pic of Jayson at 2 months:)


Carolyn gail said...

Beautiful, Beverly ! You are such a young grandmother. Your grand babies are sooo cute I just want to squeeze them.

Anonymous said...

What a cute grin on this darlin baby's face.