Sunday, July 01, 2007

Garden Bloggers Muse Day

My favorite flower poems have always been the Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker. I copied the picture and the script from The Official Flower Fairies Website. I chose bindweed because that's what I need to take care of in the garden before it goes to seed;) I have friends who like to grow it because it's a pretty flower. Since they don't live by me I'll let their neighbors worry about it.

The White Bindweed Fairy



O long long stems that twine!
O buds, so neatly furled!
O great white bells of mine,
(None purer in the world)
Each lasting but one day!
O leafy garlands, hung
In wreaths beside the way-
Well may your praise be sung!

(But this Bindweed, which is a big sister to the little pink Field Convolvulus, is not good to have in gardens, though it is so beautiful; because it winds around other plants and trees. One of its names is "Hedge Strangler". Morning Glories are a garden kind of Convolvulus.)


The bindweed is the emblem of humility because it is too shy to show its flowers until it has gained the support of another plant on which it climbs.

Fairy Meaning: Insinuation, Humility


Hedge Strangler

The White Bindweed Fairy looks innocent, but you would not wish to invite her to live in your garden. She grows rapidly and winds round other plants and trees in a very persistent manner.

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Annie in Austin said...

Carol from May Dreams is always looking for fairies, but she'd chase this one down the garden path with a hoe in her hand.

Even when we have too much horticultural knowledge to grow a certain plant, the poem and lovely photo featuring that plant are irresistible, aren't they, Beverly?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

kate said...

I love Cicely Barker's poems and illustrations. A while back, I wrote a blog piece on columbines using her poem about them. They are lovely.

La Familia de Quinata said...

I found this fairy in my daughter's book before I realized that the Bindweed is not such a great thing to have in our yard. I actually enjoyed looking at it before a friend told me I should try to eradicate it instead. I think fondly on the fairy as I'm pulling the weed. I know she has plenty of places to be in these parts. :)