Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Good ,The Bad, & The Ugly - In My Backyard

When you have a lot of flowers it's easy to find some good, even though this year most of my yard is bad & ugly.

Like Old Roses I do not have a plan where my flowers will go, they just find a spot and live or die. This year a lot of them decided to die. I still have the tried and true, it was the new ones that got hit the hardest.

Last Fall I started a big project and a little one that became a big one. So I have been working on them. I have decided to work on the paths, walls, and beds before I plant any more perennials. Needless to say my yard is a mess and with half my flowers gone it's been hard to blog about it.

Out of four Clematis I only have one that is thriving The Jackmanii.

My Henri has some serious clematis wilt and I am removing it:( It's been struggling for 3 years and this one was the worst.

For the bad I have a confession, sometimes I take close ups of the flowers because that's the only way I can make them look good.

This bed is bad but it's only a temporary thing. I'm thinking strawberries might be happy here.

Other than that Clematis I'd have to say the ugliest thing in my yard right now are my lilacs. I finally got a chainsaw and I've been pruning them hard. I've been doing it a little at a time, because it's hard for me to make things ugly on purpose.

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Colleen said...

Wonderful post, Beverly! You had me nodding in agreement when you confessed that sometimes you take closeup photos of flowers because that's the only way you can make them look good. I can't even count how many times I've done that!

It sounds like quite a project you've taken on. Can't wait to see the finished result :-)

Thanks for participating in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!"

Connie said...

Enjoyed your good, bad and ugly post. Funny how seeing other gardeners less than perfect areas makes us feel better about our own. :-)
Love the color that rock you're using, and look forward to seeing how you incorporate it into your garden.

kate said...

Your Clematis jackmanii is gorgeous and makes up for the other 3. At least that's how I am always rationalising my garden failures ... of which there are many. Sometimes it is just too hard to get everything done and areas go untended or undeveloped.

Your garden looks lovely!

Carol said...

That poor, poor clematis. Thank you for putting it out of its misery!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

it is sort of "refreshing" to see the bad with the good.
All us gardeners have some baddies in our plots.

bs said...

please don't worry about the closeups... my garden looks best in 3 inch sections as well. thanks for sharing that, maybe i'll get the courage to pan back too!