Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Morning Stroll Through The Garden

A little bit muggy this morning, not as bad as Tuesday. I walked around the yard this morning making a mental to-do list. And taking pictures for this months. Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I found a few flowers in between corralling Michael and Austin. Hey they only tried to make a break for the street once. Michael enjoyed some Lantana and Austin contemplated splashing in puddles.

I have been trying to keep up with the garden and the blog, but 4 babies are taking up quite a lot of my time. Since they won't be babies forever I guess I'll not fret about it and just sit back,relax and enjoy.

Finally got all the mulch I need, just waiting for free time to get it done.We got rid of a huge Flowering Quince and I have some plans in the future for this spot.

We dug out the yellow rose bush from the Moon Garden and now I have to figure out what will grow there. It has to like getting a bit wet at times and it's mostly shady there. Maybe I should paint something really cool on the side of the neighbors shed. Something with a moon and a white picket fence.

The Secret Garden is full of weeds as usual, but there is actually a plan now. There are some perennials back there amongst the weeds. Some Phlox, Russian Sage, Butterfly Weed, Daisies, Columbine, a few Stella De Oro Lilies and some struggling Iris.

The old gazebo is at the East end of the garden waiting for something to climb it. Once I'm done laying out the mulch I will begin to make my paths.

The one that will lead to the playground area will be a hopscotch path. I'm thinking of having some kind of tunnel too;)

I have been trying to catch up on all the garden blogs. I have so many favorites now that it takes a long time. I missed Garden Bloggers Muse Day at Sweet Home And Gardens Chicago, Garden Bloggers Book Club at May Dreams Gardens, and quite a few Green Thumb Sundays..

Dear Blog, I'm sorry I have been ignoring you. I promise to do better:)


Wicked Gardener said...

Oy! Looks like so much work, but how cool it will be when it is done!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog and
oh my gosh, your kids are so very cute!
You're going to have so much fun watching them grow and trying to keep up with them!
Your tomatoes in the garden are nice. I only had one plant this year but she did well.

Katharine Hoda said...

Indeed the weeds are obvious, your gazebo needs a little face lift. You have a large space a shed or two will fit perfectly.