Sunday, September 30, 2007

Perfect time of year for Pansies:) They were my great grandmothers favorites according to my grandma so we always have some around the yard here and there.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

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My baby got married last week. We had the wedding down in Derby at my dads. I decorated the house with twinkle lights and flower garlands everywhere. Michael wore a tux to match his dad and Baileigh was in a pretty white dress just like her mama. After that wedding we went to 3 more, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. It was pretty hectic and now I must take a nap;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My birthday was Saturday so instead of staying home by myself with no car I went with HB to Minneapolis for his Army stuff. On the way there I heard over the radio that we were going to have a frost. Oh no! All my house plants are chilling outside with the container plants! Not to worry sometimes children can be useful;) I called them up and they put every plant inside, even the dead ones:) I'm gonna have to make them some homemade pizza soon to thank them.

When I got home there was no damage to any of the annuals so I don't think it was much of a frost here, but in Minnesota we had to use the ice scraper on the windows.Other than being quite chilly on Saturday the weekend was beautiful.

This weekend I went to see the Minnehaha Falls. We went for a walk and found a whole bunch of pagans celebrating the Earth. There were lots of different people young and old if HB hadn't of been there I would have joined in but he's not into being different and I wasn't dressed for dancing, so I just made him sit and listen for a while with me and then we went out to eat at a restaurant called Sunsets, it was very nice,the atmosphere was calm and relaxed and the food was mmm good.

On Sunday I went to the Ren Faire and spent some time listening to music, chasing fairies, and talking to vikings. I had never been to one that big before but I did manage to see almost everything before I had to go pick up HB. Next year I'll wear a costume and really have fun:)

Monday, September 10, 2007

One Down - Four More To Go

Congratulations! Mr & Mrs Richardson, I hope your having a wonderful Honeymoon;) The wedding was beautiful,the food was good and the dancing was fun. See ya soon:)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Little Trip

Last month I went with HB to Minneapolis, it was raining so I didn't get to do much. I went to a farmers market and bought some white phlox and honey. It was wet and cold and I didn't think to bring a jacket with me, took me the rest of the day to get warm again:(

The next day was a little nicer and I found my way to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. It was really nice, there is no admission fee all they ask for is donations. I went through the zoo first watched some polar bears that were lounging around, and found a sloth sleeping in a tree. It's a good thing I went outside first because as soon as I got inside it started pouring rain.

The Conservatory was like heaven to me:) Each room has it's own special atmosphere. One room had about 12 bonsai trees in it, one of the trees was 45 years old. There was a fern room and a room with spices.

But my favorite room was full of flowers. Once I found that room I just sat down and started breathing in the wonderful smells. Listening to the water trickle, somewhere I could hear a bird chirping. The upper windows were open so you could see raindrops leaving little ripples in the water as they slowly dripped down.

There was a lot more to that park that I didn't get to see because of the rain, so I'm going to go back and finish my visit sometime soon. I also have a few more gardens on my list and another farmers market. I sure hope it's not raining next time:)