Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My birthday was Saturday so instead of staying home by myself with no car I went with HB to Minneapolis for his Army stuff. On the way there I heard over the radio that we were going to have a frost. Oh no! All my house plants are chilling outside with the container plants! Not to worry sometimes children can be useful;) I called them up and they put every plant inside, even the dead ones:) I'm gonna have to make them some homemade pizza soon to thank them.

When I got home there was no damage to any of the annuals so I don't think it was much of a frost here, but in Minnesota we had to use the ice scraper on the windows.Other than being quite chilly on Saturday the weekend was beautiful.

This weekend I went to see the Minnehaha Falls. We went for a walk and found a whole bunch of pagans celebrating the Earth. There were lots of different people young and old if HB hadn't of been there I would have joined in but he's not into being different and I wasn't dressed for dancing, so I just made him sit and listen for a while with me and then we went out to eat at a restaurant called Sunsets, it was very nice,the atmosphere was calm and relaxed and the food was mmm good.

On Sunday I went to the Ren Faire and spent some time listening to music, chasing fairies, and talking to vikings. I had never been to one that big before but I did manage to see almost everything before I had to go pick up HB. Next year I'll wear a costume and really have fun:)

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