Sunday, September 30, 2007

Perfect time of year for Pansies:) They were my great grandmothers favorites according to my grandma so we always have some around the yard here and there.

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Carol said...

I always have a few around because they are one of my favorites! I plant the more pastel colors in the spring, and then go for the darker colors in the fall.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Moe said...

Beautiful photo for GTS!

No Rain said...

This is a gorgeous photo! Although I usually don't like that color on Pansies, I now see it in a whole new perspective!

verobirdie said...

The red of this pansy is gorgeous.
They are beautiful flowers. I never can resist one.

Julie said...

Perfect fall color!

Catherine said...

Great blog! Loved it!, Your flowers are beautiful!
Loved the White rose of sharon, awesome~I've never seen an all white..that pure of a white ...gorgeous bloom!


Jhoaniquing said...

great flowers too..
mine is up too.hope you got time.