Monday, June 29, 2009

Just checking in....

Life is so unexpected, I have a job now. Considering how hard it is for everyone to find a job right now I consider myself very fortunate. I also have another grandson Donavan he is 3 weeks old and so precious I just want to hug him up every time I see him.

My camera hasn't been working well for a while and it finally quit on me. That's ok though I haven't really done anything new with the garden and it's getting overgrown with weeds in the hard to reach spots. Getting attacked by those hornets last year didn't help any either. I'll find something to put on here by the time I'm done.

Since I have a job now the walls and the playground are shaping up nicely. And I don't have to explain to my husband why he needs to buy dirt anymore. I just need to find time to get into the garden and pull those weeds.

I read in Mother Earth News to grow my tomatoes in a bag of dirt. So I'm trying that this year I have 4 tomato plants going and they seem to be happy. I hope this works because I have the hardest time with tomatoes. I'm hoping it's my dirt they don't like and not me, because I love tomatoes.

I've moved a few plants and I've trimmed a lot of branches off of trees and bushes this year. The yard looks like it has a very bad haircut right now. But I'm hoping next year it will all be filled out nicely.

I am surrounded by neighbors that let trees grow wherever they want. sometimes when I go for walks I wish I had my loppers with me. I have gone into one neighbors yard and cut out some wild things, but he doesn't mind cause his fence is over our property line and we have to go in his yard to keep the trees and weeds out of our garage.

I only have Saturdays off and some Fridays so most of that time is spent with my kids. They are so used to having me 24 hours a day it took a couple of months for them to get used to me working. My husband is still having a hard time, because I work at night so he has to do his own supper now and sometimes bring me mine. I spend the mornings cleaning the house and doing the laundry and he does the grocery shopping now. I was pretty hungry the first month, because of my limited diet. But he's getting the hang of whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables now;)

Been busy with my social networking, I've had a myspace for a few years now, but I just joined facebook. I go there a lot because my relatives do myspace and facebook and it is amazing how easy it is to keep up with each others lives and hardly ever see each other. If you would like to find me just look for Beverly Hagge and I'll be there;)

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